The Tenderness Tour

One Man, One Wheelchair - A Peaceful Home for Every Child

TendernessTour25 - A Year Long Celebration of the Tenderness Tour's 25th Anniversary


In celebration of the Tenderness Tour's 25th Anniversary in 2014, on January 1st I'll be kicking off a year long series of Tenderness Tour events ranging from wheeling events to outreach to fundraisers to music, film, comedy and much more. Check out my preliminary plans for 25 events!

The Tenderness Tour will be working with New Community Project as part of the 25th Anniversary Tenderness Tour activities and has agreed to raise the funds necessary to build a multi-purpose center in Narus, South Sudan for to meet needs of young girls who've dropped out of school after getting pregnant, literacy and skills training for women, workshops on hygiene, sanitation and skills training for women, including those with disabilities.


1. New Year's Tenderness Tour - Indianapolis (Obviously Jan. 1, 2014)
2. White County, IL Tenderness Tour - White County, IL (Dates Pending)
3. Tenderness25 Film Festival (25 films, details/dates pending)
4. Speaking Tour with new book
5. Tenderness25 Music Festival (25 acts, details/dates pending)
6. Dallas Tenderness Tour (Date Pending, possibly to include Oklahoma City)
7. Tenderness25 Comedy Festival (25 stand-up acts, date pending)
8. The Hallelujah Challenge - A Film Competition/DVD Release
9. One Million Acres Park Project - Announcement soon.
10. Race Away From Domestic Violence - Indianapolis (Started as a Tenderness Tour)
11. A Tenderness Wedding (I"ll be donating my pastoral services to a couple for their wedding)
12. Terre Haute Tenderness Tour (Date Pending, to benefit Ryves Youth Center)
13. Washington D.C. Tenderness Tour (Tentative)
14. 365 Days of Tenderness (You'll want to make sure you're following the 25th Anniversary Tenderness Tour on Facebook as I lead folks in a daily act of kindness beginning 1/1/14.
15. One Million Acres Memorial Vigil (Pending)
16. Film Festival/Tenderness Tour Combo (location to be determined)
17. The Hallelujah Service Challenge - An attempt to "raise"
a. 1,000 people donating $25.00
b. 1,000 people committing to 100 hours of community service in 2014
c. 1,000 people committed to 365 hugs in 2014.
18. The Tenderness Team - Will seek to recruit at least 100 walkers, runners, bikers or wheelers who participate in events (5k, 10k, half-marathons, marathons, etc.) in their own community throughout the year but do so to raise money for the 25th Anniversary Tenderness Tour (More details pending).
19. Overseas Tenderness Tour (on my wish list...we'll see!)
20. TenderDuck Derby (Yes, a water-based tour featuring rubber ducks).
21. Tenderness25 Blogathon (Bloggers will write at least one full post of 500 words or more related to a "cause" of their choice impacting children and raise pledges for the organization of their choice.
22. "Give a Girl a Chance," Vol. 2 - The Hallelujah Challenge. I will be seeking musicians in any genre to contribute an original song related to a cause/issue/organization of their choice. The 10 songs selected will be sold both on the CD and as singles....Here's the challenge piece - While each artist's singles will be raising funds for the organization of their choice, the artist's single that raises the most will see the CD's profits go to their organization.
23. "The Hallelujah Life" Preaching Tour - I hope to preach (either congregationally or to youth groups) throughout the year in sharing my message of hope and healing. Believe it or not, I can deliver my testimony without obscenities!
24. Celebration of Self - I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't look at my own life and acknowledge the areas where I still need to heal - In 2014, I'll be working towards addressing the teeth that I've long found embarrassing while also looking to stabilize my home situation. Of course, I've already committed to a stronger support team throughout all of this...
25. Tenderness25 Gala - To occur around Oct. 8th of 2014 and will be hopefully a grand event celebrating the 25th anniversary (which officially is 10/8/2014).

There may be more. There may be pieces of this that don't work out or that move into 2015. If something doesn't work out, I'll replace it. If it goes into 2015, so be it.