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The Tenderness Tour
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2017 Tenderness Tour
Tenderness Tour's Walk n' Roll for Ryves - 3/19 to 3/24/17

In 2015, Richard spoke to two classes at Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis after meeting Sister Kathleen Yeadon at Legacy House's Rocc-A-Thon event in downtown Indy. Invited back in 2016 to speak to three classes, Propes planted the idea of a special Tenderness Tour event kicking off on March 20, 2017 to benefit Terre Haute's Ryves Youth Center, a youth center Richard had previously visited on his 20th anniversary Tenderness Tour and a jewel in the archdiocese of Indianapolis. 

Richard plans to arrive in Terre Haute on March 18th with limited wheeling on the 19th in Terre Haute. He will wheel in Vigo, Clay, Putnam, Hendricks and Marion Counties before ending up on the afternoon of the March 24th at Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis where he'll wheel "the last mile" alongside Chatard students. The itinerary includes:

As part of the Tenderness Tour 4 Ryves, Richard will begin and end the Tenderness Tour with special memorial miles. 

  • March 19th at 1pm from Collett Park in Terre Haute: Richard will begin the Tenderness Tour with a just over 1-mile walk/roll in memory of Cameron Hoopingarner, a 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy and blindness who died from neglect in Terre Haute in February 2017. The walk is open to any who would like to join.
  • March 24th at approximately noon at Canterbury Park in Indianapolis on the Monon Trail: Richard will be joined by students from Chatard High School for "the last mile," a one-mile walk in memory of Delphi teens Abigail Williams and Liberty German. The walk will end at Chatard High School where Richard will speak to a rally. 

Tenderness Tour's Walk n' Roll 4 Ryves Itinerary

  • Saturday, March 18th - Arrive in Terre Haute; evening speaking or possible special event TBD; I will spend the night in Terre Haute.  
    Road Crew: Cheri Herron (Driver to Terre Haute)
    Care Team: 
    Local Volunteers: Melissa Hendrix
    Overnight Accommodations: Hilton Garden Inn, Terre Haute
    Meal/In-Kind Sponsors: 
    Appearances: TBD
  • Sunday, March 19th -
    AM Activities: Attend church/mass in Terre Haute
    1pm: "Cameron's Mile" - The first mile for this year's tour will be dedicated to the memory of Cameron Hoopingarner, a 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy and blindness who died as a result of alleged neglect in Terre Haute. The first mile will actually be completed at the nearly 2-mile Collett Park Pathway beginning at 1pm starting from the corner of 7th & Maple. 
    3pm: I will wheel the Hulman Street Trail starting at Cherry Street and South 4th. 
    Evening Activities: TBD  
    Road Crew: Kelie Killu/Melissa Hendrix
    Care Team: Kelie Killu
    Local Volunteers: Melissa Hendrix
    Overnight Accommodations in Terre Haute: Hilton Garden Inn, Terre Haute
    Meal/In-Kind Sponsors: Charlie's Pub & Grub in Terre Haute, sponsor of lunch. 

    Appearances: meeting with newspaper while on the trail. 
  • Monday, March 20th -
    9am: , I will wheel the National Road Heritage Trail starting at the Twigg Trailhead, arriving at Ryves Youth Center along the lines of 1pm.
    1pm: Spend time at Ryves Youth Center
    Afternoon/Evening: Working on time with media/community leaders; will move forward and spend evening in Brazil, Indiana at a location to be determined with possible evening activities.  
    Road Crew: Kelie Killu/Melissa Hendrix
    Care Team: Kelie Killu
    Local Volunteers: Melissa Hendrix
    Overnight Accommodations: Best Western Covered Bridge Inn (Sponsored by Manny Guillen)
    Meal/In-Kind Sponsors: Dinner at Kleptz's Restaurant w/BDDS District 4 staff and others
    Appearances: Ryves Youth Center in afternoon
  • Tuesday, March 21st -
    9am: I will wheel Brazil's Forest Park Trail.  I am exploring other possibilities for outreach and/or another trail.
    Road Crew/Care Team: Robyn Cundiff 
    Local Volunteers: Danielle Scott (Greencastle/Putnam County)
    Overnight Accommodations: The Walden Inn (Sponsored)
    Meal/In-Kind Sponsors: Confirming options

    Appearances: Putnam County Family & Support Services (Tentative)
  • Wednesday, March 22nd -
    9am: I will wheel start with the Prindle Trail (tentatively) followed by the Creekside Trail - both are part of Depauw's Nature Park Trails
    1pm, I will wheel the People Pathways in Greencastle. I hope to visit the mayor. I will end the evening by spending the night in Plainfield with possible evening activities. .
    Road Crew/CARE Team: Alyssa Barkman 
    Local Volunteers: Danielle Scott
    Overnight Accommodations: Quality Inn in Plainfield, Sponsored by Amy Gall-Ritchie
    Meal/In-Kind Sponsors: Sponsored by Amy Gall Ritchie

    Appearances: TBD 
  • Thursday, March 23rd -
    9am: I will start by wheeling the Vandalia Trail (start at the Aquatic Center) followed by the White Lick Creek Trail in Hendricks County.
    1pm: I will wheel the Hummel Park Loops and spend the night in Indy. 
    Road Crew/Care Team: Cindy Tucker Brown
    Local Volunteers: Cindy Tucker Brown
    Overnight Accommodations: Still exploring - may stay in own home. 
    Meal/In-Kind Sponsors: 
    Appearances: From 5-8pm at Vineyard Vines, Fashion Mall in Indy (Tenderness Tour receives 20% of all sales)
  • Friday, March 24th -
    9am, I will leave the Fountain Square end of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and take the Cultural Trail to the Monon where I'll wheel over to Chatard. Students from Chatard are due to join me at Canterbury Park. Estimated arrival time is 1pm for "The Last Mile." The Last Mile will be dedicated to the memories of Abigail Williams and Liberty German, two Delphi, Indiana teenagers who were murdered while hiking on a Delphi, Indiana trail earlier this month. 
    Road Crew/Care Team: Robyn Rogers
    Local Volunteers: Sister Kathleen Yeadon; Chatard High School students
    Overnight Accommodations: Not needed
    Meal/In-Kind Sponsors: 

    Appearances: 25 Chatard seniors will join me for "the last mile" in memory of Abby Williams and Liberty German followed by a rally at Chatard. Reps. from Indianapolis Cultural Trail also to meet on Cultural Trail. 

Additional Volunteers: Deirdre Stanton, Sister Kathleen Yeadon, Matt Rodway

Special Thanks to Current Tenderness Tour 4 Ryves Donors, Sponsors and Supporters:

  • Anonymous Donors (7)
  • Tess Arnold (Donor)
  • Alyssa Barkman (Road Support)
  • Bilou Enterprises (Donor)
  • Bishop Chatard High School (Partner)
  • Bouncy Barn, Terre Haute (In-Kind Donor)
  • Terese Brost (Donor)
  • Cindy Tucker Brown (Road Support)
  • Aaron Callecod (Donor)
  • Siobhan Champ-Blackwell (Donor)
  • Charlie's Pub n' Grub (Meal Sponsor)
  • Laura and Izayah Cherne (Donor)
  • Karen and Geoff Crooks (Donor)
  • Robyn Cundiff (Road Support/Donor)
  • Luke Austin Daugherty (Volunteer)
  • Brian and Anne Davis (Donor)
  • Janet Delehanty (Donor)
  • Manny Guillen (Sponsor)
  • Melissa Hendrix (Road Support/Sponsor)
  • Hilton Garden Inn, Terre Haute (Discounted Room)
  • Florence Hobby (Donor)
  • Holmes Family (Donor)
  • Jason Horton (Donor)
  • Michael & Tricia Hurst (Donor)
  • Shani Johnson (Donor)
  • Kelly Kaufman (Donor)
  • Kelie Killu (Road Support/Donor)
  • Marty and Karla Kincade (Donors)
  • Jennifer Lahl (Donor)
  • Valerie Lambert (Donor)
  • Krysha MacDonald (Donor)
  • Robin Curtis Martin (Donor)
  • Rev. Deb Oskin (Donor)
  • Kristen Pulice (Donor)
  • Amy Gall Ritchie (Sponsor/Donor)
  • Becky Robinson (Donor)
  • Matt Rodway (Donor/Back-up Support)
  • Salamone Family (Donor)
  • Danielle Scott (Volunteer/Sponsor)
  • Marcy Showalter (Donor)
  • Greg Sorvig (Donor)
  • Jenn Van Sickle (Donor)
  • Deirdre Stanton (Volunteer)
  • Terre Haute Children's Museum (In-Kind Donor)
  • Curt and Cindie Vanderbur (Donors)
  • Vineyard Vines - Keystone @ Crossing (Event Sponsor)
  • Wabash Valley Massage/Davida Cartwright (In-Kind Sponsor)
  • Sam Watermeier (Donor)
  • Sister Kathleen Yeadon (Volunteer)
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